Welcome to Natural Reared Toy Aussies! We raise our dogs with all holistic natural methods. To learn more about Holistic Pet Care- come visit our website!Holistic Pet Care

Naturally Reared Toy Aussies Are The Best!

Holistically Raised

Natural Rearing

We practice Natural Rearing and Breeding which means: No Vaccinations, No Flea, Tick or heartworm chemicals, No lawn/yard chemicals, No toxic chemicals in our homes, and above all Feeding a Species Appropriate Diet.

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What We Feed

Feeding whole prey and raw bones and meat chunks is the 'closest to nature' method of feeding dogs. Our Carnivore pets are meant to be raw foodists. Meant to eat raw meat, bones and offal, not starches and vegetables.

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Why No Vaccinations

Natural Rearing also involves a zero or minimal vaccine protocol relying on the dogs own natural immune responses and healing ability to see it through a disease cycle instead; along with the help of naturopathic care when needed

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‘Natural Rearing’ is likened to a high quality  ‘Jewel’ to which many precisely cut facets are applied for its brilliance to shine outwardly like a fire from within.

 The “facets” of Natural Rearing are a species appropriate raw diet, vaccine-free, no chemicals on, in or around the dog and its environment, and the use of naturopathic and  holistic health care treatment when needed (allopathic methods being reserved for trauma injuries, emergency, and diagnostics). Natural Rearing is about getting back to basics and the nature of how our canines were created!